Conference Topics


The ISBPPB 2018 conference will include topics on ALL ASPECTS of Polymeric Biomaterials.


Conference topics in detail:


biodegradable polymers as drug carrier systems, biosensors, polymers for drug delivery, polymers for tissue engineering, biomedical pharmaceutical polymers, biomimetic polymer preparation, blood-contacting polymers, chitosan: structure-property relationship and biomedical applications, dendrimers in drug and gene delivery, gas separation membranes, gelling agents, hydrogels, immobilization of active biopolymers, liposomes in drug delivery, microspheres, molecular assemblies, polymers from natural resources, polysilanes, polymer foams, polymeric micelles as pharmaceutical carriers, polymeric vesicles, polymer-drug conjugates, polymers for gene delivery, polymers for dental and orthopedic applications, polymers for extracorporeal uses, polymers for medical adhesives, polymers for permanently implanted devices, polymers for skin grafting, polymers for targeted drug delivery, polymers for temporary implants, polymers for tissue engineering, polymers in dental and maxillofacial surgery, polysaccharides as biomaterials, polyurethanes in biomedical applications, smart polymers, scaffolding materials, shape memory polymers, surface modification, textile-based biomaterials for surgical applications, polymer based composite materials for medical applications, and many more.


Submitted abstracts should be assigned to the following topics:

      1. Smart polymers

      2. Surface modification and functionalization

      3. Advanced manufacturing

      4. Biosensors

      5. Encapsulation and controlled release

      6. Cardiovascular applications

      7. Bone and cartilage

      8. Neural regeneration

      9. Wound healing/soft tissue engineering

    10. Other